Rick started singing for anyone who would listen at the age of five.  He got his first guitar at age six and got serious about playing it when he started taking guitar lessons at nine years old. 

At thirteen years old, with the help of their guitar teacher, Rick and his friends formed a band called the Sceptors.  At first they were a surf band playing all instrumentals.  Eventually they made enough money to purchase microphones and added to their song list the top hits of the day which are now called oldies but goodies.  They also changed their name to the Eccentrics. They played at parties and dances through his ninth grade year.

Rick sat in and sang with several bands during his high school years and eventually went out on his own as a single performer with an acoustic guitar. 

By age 20 he was performing in Europe.  After reviving a rained out concert by taking the stage during a downpour at the Pop and Blues Festival in Billerbeck, Germany, he became known throughout Europe as California Ricky because the festival had been filmed and shown all over Europe.

A year later he ended up back in the states performing at the Windmill Dinner Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona, a gig that lasted a couple of years. 

On departure from the theater, the bass player from the group joined Rick for over a year in a comedy duo, traveling the western United States as Jonathan and Richard. 

At the end of the tour Rick started writing and performing his own original tunes.  His first album was called Beaten, Robbed and Raped In L.A.  Touring as Rick Snow and the Whiteliner Band, Rick promoted the album for the following couple of years. 

Rick started one of the early independent record labels in Los Angeles called Little Buddy Records and along with it, he launched an ASCAP music publishing company called Zounds Music.  After Rick had produced just a few albums for some west coast bands, he knew he had finally found his niche, in producing and as a recording engineer.  

He loved all kinds of music but country music found a special place in his heart and he knew that Nashville, Tennessee would eventually be on his itinerary.  Eventually, Rick moved to Nashville.  After taking a year to get to know the town, Rick and another local recording engineer put together a small studio in downtown Nashville just off Music Row.  It quickly became a busy demo studio which allowed Rick to meet a lot of the talented studio musicians and songwriters in town. 

The studio really wasn't big enough to accommodate bands and large groups who wanted to cut albums, so a year later Snow moved a little north of town to Hendersonville, Tennessee.  He built the Zounds Recording Studio which he named after the ASCAP publishing company he started ten years earlier.  Rick also started a new record label called ZoundSound Records. 

Since relocating to Nashville,  Rick has designed and built several recording and video studios for himself and others around the country.  He has written and recorded over two hundred original songs and produced more than forty CD projects for clients in the Zounds Music Studios. 

Rick incorporated his companies under the name ZoundSound Entertainment, Inc.,  With the growth of the internet and media technology he has expanded the company and it's interests in several different directions in the entertainment industry. 

Rick still finds time to write, record and perform his own music while he continues to produce projects for others independently and on the company labels.  On completion of his next CD Rick will take to the road once again to promote his new tunes and greet old friends.

Currently, Rick is in Las Vegas, Nevada producing two shows that are in development for the Uncle America Network.  In the near future, you can catch Rick performing in a club somewhere in the Sin City Valley.  If you are on the mailing list, you will be notified where you can see him, entertaining either with his backup band or as a single.  He'll be singing his originals mixed in with an endless list of singalong cover tunes from years gone by.  Either way, Rick's voice is as strong and memorable as ever.

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