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                UNCLE AMERICA

Uncle America looks for the balance in everything that comes across his desk as it helps to keep him centered when determining the truth or making decisions.  He belongs to no political party and he favors neither Republicans nor Democrats.  

He still believes that America is the greatest country in the world regardless of some nefarious activities going on at the moment in government and around our nation.  He also knows we are headed on a downward spiral in many different sectors of government and areas of the country that are purposely being ignored by people in charge.  He believes the people of the United States need to take our so called "representatives" to task about the criminal activities taking place behind the closed doors of our government.  

Uncle America shares information that the mainstream media cannot or will not report.  He does it so people can make their own decisions after looking at all sides of the story.  UA knows that more information allows for more options to be considered, which helps in making rational decisions without jumping to conclusions.  Information, the freedom of speech, the press and religion all go hand in hand with true and complete freedom for everyone.  

Anyone who would conspire to suppress any or all of the above is an enemy of the foundation of America and that is why Uncle America says that America has been infiltrated by enemies both foreign and domestic.


Our government, our politicians, our entire country has been infiltrated by enemies foreign and domestic. Their end game is to see America collapse.  Politicians who have been in office at anytime during the last 40 years and are still in office are corrupt, have been bought and paid for, and are political criminals who have done nothing but bring our infrastructure to the edge of collapse, our Congress to a standstill and our country to a very vulnerable position by going to war while leaving our borders wide open, which in itself is an act of treason at a time of war against the American people.  

How dare these same people keep coming back to run for office over and over again.  Worse yet, how dare the American public even think about voting any of these political criminals back into office again and again without doing their homework or due diligence on who these people really are, who is really behind all of them and what their true agenda really is.  

The biggest problem is, that our enemies on both sides of the aisle have learned how to rig the voting process and, with the power they possess, will return to do more damage while making themselves even richer, whether we vote for them or not.   

Politics, people running for office, the government, the media is just one big circus, a show, to keep us occupied, arguing between two parties that have paralyzed our country and taken us to the brink of collapse.  What's happened to my America?  How did we ever let these people take control.  

It's a shame that people will even think about voting ever again for a Bush, a Cheney, a Clinton, an Obama or anyone else who has been in a political office over the last ten to forty years, and that includes their offspring and their relatives.  I'll tell you what's happened to my America.  It has been infiltrated by enemies both foreign and domestic and it's time to clean house!

Vote new people in, incumbents (old people) out!  Anyone who has been in office longer than ten years needs to go!  It's time to purge Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Will it make a difference?  Probably not, as all the newly elected will immediately be blackmailed, extorted and threatened into doing the bidding of the people who are really in power.... the bankers.  

As Thomas Jefferson once said, "I sincerely believe..... that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."  It turns out that he was right.  Truer words were never spoken regarding bankers then and now.  Nothing has changed in two hundred years.  

So after the government has been cleansed of all the "has been" elected criminals and their appointed vermin, we'll need to take on the banks and corporations who have purposely tried to destroy our country for the sake of power and greed.  I plan to be able to say to them, too bad, the younger generation of this country woke up, learned the truth and banded together just in time to save America from the destruction that you had been hoping for.   

Make me proud America



Many of you have contacted me asking for my definition of the Illuminati.  Without getting too technical or even weird, I have put together a collective idea of what you might be satisfied with as a definition.  There are two levels of the Illuminati and I will describe the secondary level of the two.  
A subsection of the most illumined ones (who have been here on earth for literally tens of thousands of years), the Illuminati is an all powerful consortium of humans comprised of people, families, corporations and secret societies, (i.e. Skull and  Bones, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Knights of Malta, Club of Rome), that encompass all national, governmental and geographical borders.  They circumvent the laws that they create for everyone else.  

They own all of the cartels that control every aspect of world government, politics, commerce, industry, banking, insurance, mining, medical, pharmaceutical, information, entertainment, illegal drugs and even the porn industry.  They answer to no one but themselves.  Most foundations and think tanks, i.e. the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, etc., are just fronts and facades put in place to control the media for the people who are pursuing the New World Order agenda.   

Their agenda is, first and foremost, the complete collapse of all major world economies (read Crisis By Design and The Secret Party).  Next is to create a cashless, one world monetary system using the Standard Digital Reserve (SDR) which is already in place and being used all around the world particularly in the petroleum industry. Then, a one world government offered as a future "spin off" or sector of the United Nations but totally controlled by the Illuminati.  Include an RFID chip for everything and everyone in the world, a system that was set up over a decade ago (Read Spychips) that will eventually lead to the complete Illuminati ownership of all land and personal property in the world. (Google and read everything 
on Agenda 21).

Also included in their plans, as soon as possible, the reduction of the world population by 90% (See Georgia Guide Stones) which will lead to complete control of everything for their personal monetary gain through the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank, both of which are in place and already in full control of world funds.  Then toss in as much ongoing war that they can create and perpetuate until they achieve their goals, and as we all can see, they are succeeding quite well in doing just that.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to you all,


What's Happened In America?

The generation before mine had to endure the atrocities of World War II.... and when they came home, most of them just wanted to put the fighting behind them. It was difficult to find a veteran, who participated in the worst of the carnage, to talk about what happened in the war. My generation went to fight in an illegal "police action" for reasons myself or no one I know can justifiably explain to this day. Although it's not as hard to find vets who will share their experiences in that debacle, which we now know was concocted by the criminal politicians and military generals of the sixties solely for personal gain. And now, as we send our latest generation off to fight in illegal wars on behalf of the oil conglomerates and the CIA black ops heroin export/import business, our young people have become complacent to death and destruction in every facet of their lives.  It's now become the everyday normal.

With interactive, violent video games, where you pile up points and rewards for killing pretend people, the enemy, or your online opponent, or whoever, and high action movies that glorify heroes for wiping out countless human beings at the wave of a weapon, our youngest generation, after being subjected to the worst, most vile, decadent, horrific, visuals have been programmed and brainwashed for hours, days, weeks, months and years on end, and have not only become complacent to death and violence, but now seem to thrive upon feelings of satisfaction at the misfortune and demise of others. Combined with the insane and criminal inundation of pharmaceutical drugs upon our society and the mindless easy access to weapons of mass murder...... well there you have it. America has evolved.... not for the better, but definately for the worse.

I know that guns don't kill people but that it's people who kill people. I also know that it can be argued whether the statistics prove that taking away or limiting specific types of guns will or will not reduce the amount of senseless murders that are destine to happen in our future.  But we do know that taking away all guns would in fact leave the innocent unable to defend themselves against attacks from the criminals who would still find ways to illegally possess guns and ammunition.  In many places in our country, police response time can be nonexistent and even some law enforcement agencies have suggested that everyone in their jurisdiction should keep a gun for protection. There's a saying that goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  So in certain areas what's bad for some people in the country can be good for others and visa-versa.

In China where citizens don't have guns, they just use swords and knives to attack innocent people.  In China, for some reason several incidences take place each year at schools where small children are attacked.  In one incident, twenty six young school children were slashed by a man with a knife.  But we also know he could have killed all of those children if he had been allowed to use a semi-automatic rifle or a hand gun with a thirty bullet clip.

So as in all debates, there are more than just two sides to the argument on guns, which we know will be the topic of many discussions, television programs, NRA meetings and Congressional hearings to come in the near future.  Let's just make sure, after the laws are changed and the Executive Orders and Presidential Signings are forced upon us, when all the dust settles that, first and foremost, our Constitution and Bill of Rights remain intact.

The first amendment allows game companies to make and get rich on insanely violent video games and I will stand by that right.  But who's responsibility is it to keep an eye on someone who is over twenty one and locks themselves in a basement or apartment for months on end while taking psychotic pharmaceuticals, cleaning their guns and playing violent video games.  Who's responsibility is that?  And how do we prevent the outcome of that combination without becoming Big Brother or affecting our Constitution?  Perhaps we can't, but that's something we will have to live with in a free society.

To fight the influence of these combined factions, we're going to have to start at both ends of our society.  At the core of America, it has to start in our homes and in our schools.  It's our responsibility as Americans and no one else's to raise our children correctly protecting them from the people who want to screw with their brains.  We need to change the mindset of where we are going as a nation.  And we do that by educating and protecting our children from the start.  At the top, we need to purge our government of all the corrupt politicians and start from scratch.  It's taken decades to bring our country to the low that we are at today and the blame lies squarely with the criminals who have been in office for those past years and decades.  Simple as that.  They've all been in office for way too long and it's time for them to go.

There are also people who have infiltrated our society, Americans and foreigners, with the purpose of bringing decadence, mayhem and destruction to our cities, and... they are succeeding  in bringing  America down.  They operate through banks, corporations, political groups and non-government organizations that are getting rich on the downfall of our society. We don't have to look very far to recognize who they are.  And we don't have to look far to see who they've affected or have taken control of.... Mr. President.  As for the pharmaceutical companies and the corrupt politicians they have bribed into allowing them to run rampant through the homes and families of our country, I will do my best to see that they are exposed and stopped.

In closing, remember that assault weapons were only named as such because they were originally designed for use by assault teams who were on the offensive.  But, if owned and kept for protection, that same semi-automatic rifle could be called a defense weapon, never used to assault anyone but used to defend our families, our property, our homes, our Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Taking away big guns to stop people from killing would be as moronic as outlawing large spoons and forks to keep people from eating too much or banning large soft drinks to keep people from absorbing too much sugar.  But in reality, what idiot would ever really consider doing any of those things while thinking that it's really going to make a difference.  Banning people from doing things is really all about power and control and to see what the population will allow Big Brother Government to get away with.  It's already out of control and It's apparently more than most Americans are even aware of.

And with that said, I lift my glass and toast to what is still the greatest country in the world, and it's not China. I'll drink to that...... America.

                                                                            # # #




  Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic Have Infiltrated America

America is being attacked from outside and from within our country's borders.  All government departments, financial systems and law enforcement agencies in the United States have been infiltrated by either domestic and foreign criminal bankers, corrupt foreign corporate interests, covert operatives from foreign countries or corrupt domestic political and appointed officials and their minions. 

All of the above have nefarious goals to take over and bring the American people and the republic as we know it... down.  Most of what is and has been happening revolves around the United Nations Agenda 21 plan which is to destroy America's middle class, take away our freedom and deplete the American population to a controllable level. 

The enemies of America have embedded themselves deeply into the fabric of our society.  They have taken positions in our local, state and national governments, local businesses, national corporations and churches.  They have run for office, they have been elected and are hiding in plain sight while posing as our leaders, officials and representatives. 

They have succeeded in taking over 72% of our nation's water facilities.  For decades, under false pretenses, they have willfully and maliciously poisoned America's drinking water by tainting it with deadly, toxic fluoride while lying to us about what it is and what it really does.  Fruits and vegetables, foreign and domestic, are being sprayed with poison chemicals and pesticides.  All edible meats are being injected with drugs, poisonous chemicals and heavy metals.  Also under false pretenses, strategic areas of our country have been under attack by the spraying of nano aluminum and other toxic metals in our atmosphere.   Chemtrails are quietly poisoning and destroying everything they settle down upon including the soil, our vegetation, our waterways, our fish and our livestock as well as our population and our pets.  

Half of all Americans are now under the influence of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs made legal by the highly infiltrated Food and Drug Administration.  Our enemies have so saturated our country with "legal," dangerous pharmaceuticals, the deadly drugs are now circulating in the water supply to such a great extent that we're being told that the systems are incapable of filtering them out.  American adults and children are ingesting antidepressants and painkillers along with fluoride every time they turn on the tap for a drink of "so called" water.  And what does the government do?  The government continues to suggest we need to drink at least eight glasses of their deadly, poisonous, drug laced sludge each day.  The FDA which is supposed to control anything with claims regarding our well being, (fluoride is claimed to prevent cavities and build tooth enamel) does not regulate fluoride distribution to the population and turns a treasonous deaf ear about untrue claims made regarding the toxic fluoride, much of which comes from China, untested and unregulated.  This is totally against the law but the corrupt officials at the FDA look the other way while Americans are being slowly poisoned to death....WITH TOXIC, POISONOUS FLUORIDE!!!!  We are under attack!!! 

Treasonous leaders have given direct orders to leave our borders unprotected while starting wars and killing innocent people who now want to retaliate against us.  They claim our borders are secure while enemy combatants are armed and escorted across the border by our infiltrated alphebet agencies.  All this is in preparation of dastardly things to come at the hands of traitors working and hiding inside our government.... and they are all being paid with taxpayer dollars and drug cartel blood money. 

Several major US banks have been caught laundering Mexican drug cartel blood money.  And the drugs the cartels are bringing into the country with the help of our corrupt agencies are keeping the crooked justice departments and law enforcement sectors profitable with prisoners, bribes and bonuses.  The drug payola trickles all the way up to the top to the people who also control the useless mainstream media.  Useless as far as having anything to do with free speech or telling the truth about what is really going on in our country... or the world for that matter.  That is why we are not first in the world regarding freedom of the press, but 47th!  Since when did that become acceptable to the citizens of the United States.

Our corrupt representatives, officials and bankers are gutting the middle class of America, plundering the treasury and sending the money out of the country, sending jobs overseas, and taking property away from American citizens while ransacking their bank and credit accounts with higher fees.  All while plastering the media with false claims of a growing economy.   

Our government is no longer of the people, by the people or for the people but operates mostly for the benefit of our enemies who have infiltrated our society.  And most Americans are unaware, don't care, can't believe it's happening, or are convinced it's too late to do anything about it.  If you are one of those people, please spend some time discovering what is really going on in America before you stick your head back in the sand. 

I say "most" Americans because, most feel they have not been directly or adversely affected.  They still have their homes and their jobs and the stock market is up, for now.  Everything is going good and they are barely being affected by the inflationary results from the depression aka "Great Recession" and the drought, for now.  But there are millions of Americans who continue to be affected by one of the largest banking scams ever perpetrated on the American public.  This goes right along with the fluoride lie and the suppression of free electricity, hemp plastics and domestic oil, all scams backed by the crooked banking industry and approved by "bought and paid for" puppet politicians in Washington DC. 

But if you and your family have been drinking tap water with fluoride for any portion of your life, you have been poisoned, as well as everyone you know who has had cancer.  If you have ever looked up and seen a chemtrail overhead, you have been poisoned.  If you eat chicken, steak or hamburger, you have been poisoned.  If you eat un-organic fruit or vegetables, you have been poisoned.  If you eat canned food, you have been poisoned.  If you drink anything out of a plastic bottle, you have been poisoned.  Ingesting food cooked at high temperatures like with french fries can cause cancer.  If you use a microwave oven or a cell phone, your health and your life has been affected whether you realize it or not. 

If you have ever gone through a TSA pat down, you have lost your freedom to travel in America freely and un-accosted.   You have been searched without warrant against your constitutional rights while criminals and potential terrorists routinely stroll across our southern border unchecked and with the blessing of our treasonous politicians.  Every American citizen has been affected in one way or another whether directly, indirectly, adversely or not.

Our country is under attack!  And everything above is just a small part of what's happening RIGHT NOW!!.... it's just the tip of the iceberg.  AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!!!

Do your own research, get knowledgeable, prepare to stand up for your country, YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR LIFE or become a statistic of the New World Order, the United Nations, the criminal politicians, corporations and all other controlling entities who are backing the agenda....  America's enemies foreign and domestic!


                                                                     #  #  #




It's been over eleven years and the hurt has still not diminished, nor will it ever for the people who lost loved ones on 9/11.  Some have moved on because they had to in order to survive or just keep their sanity.  Others lost everything and will never revive.  And still there are those of us who were not as affected to such a great extent on that fateful day but are certainly being affected now by the actions of the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies who have used the events of 9/11 to clamp down on American freedoms in order to pursue their ultimate agenda.

America is, was and has been under attack.... from a domestic enemy within the confines of our borders and our government.

As time passes, more and more people are becoming aware of the inconsistencies in the government's version of what took place leading up to, during and after the attacks on our country.  Actually, the attacks have continued even to this day.  Attacks on our freedoms, our treasury, our integrity, our jobs, our homes, our families and our future.  These attacks are not coming from outside our country but from within our government.  The true perpetrators of 9/11 did not die in flaming balls of fire but continue to wreak havoc on our country and the rest of the world with executive orders and bogus wars.  And not only were the wars preconceived but they are kept alive buy funding, with taxpayer dollars, the supposed enemies that were created for the purpose of deceiving the American public.  U.S. taxpayer dollars have been illegally funneled to insurgents in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and now directly to al-Qaeda.

Now, after all these years, there is so much more evidence that has come to light that was not available or discovered immediately after 9/11.  While there are many people, victims, witnesses and patriots, screaming at the top of their lungs at the Congress, on the internet, in books and movies about the things that happened, there is still only about 2% of our population who have dared to look at and understand the simple truth about what really took place on 9/11.  And the truth hurts, but not as much as it's going to hurt if we don't expose the crimes of the Americans who were not only complacent, but responsible by taking their part in the 9/11 attacks or the cover up either by lying or just not speaking up for one reason or another.  I tend to believe there are more than just a few million people who are wanting to know the truth about 9/11.   But I also realize that when the truth does come out, and it will come out, (GEORGE!), that many good Americans will be devastated to realize that "our government wouldn't do that,"  but people, very bad, evil people, working within and for our government, most certainly not only would, but did... do that.

It's going to be my pleasure to sit on the 9/11 Inquest Council while the most learned and respectable investigators, witnesses and victims come forward to finally expose the criminals for who they are.  Did they really think they could get away with such a botched operation?  Apparently they did.  And at least so far they have.  But the one thing they all didn't count on was time.  Time and the advancement of the internet has saved, uncovered and brought forth the information that has exposed the truth and the motives, actions and lies of the perpetrators who benefited from allowing the attacks on our country to take place.

Most of the people I've talked to that understand the reality of what happened on 9/11, especially the highest ranking of military officers, came to their conclusions about the truth after realizing that the World Trade Center Building #7 was imploded.  It doesn't take a genius to recognize that the building did not collapse because of fire.  Also the laws of nature and physics cannot be circumvented as the government would have us believe.  Anyone who has taken the time to look at the facts, the real facts, can only come to one conclusion, that the American people have been lied to by people working in, with and for our government.  People who were elected and people who were appointed or hired.  Money, greed and power can do terrible things to weak minded people.  But weak minded people can also be lied to and manipulated into believing anything.  I'm not sure who can be held more responsible, the guilty murdering conspirators or the ones who have put their heads in the sand and don't want to hear the truth thereby allowing the guilty to continue on with their privileged lives.

And as long as I know that 2,997 people died to make others rich, and that those people are still walking around free continuing to benefit from the murders they committed, covered up, were privy to or had prior knowledge thereof, it 's the duty of every proud American to at least look at all of the evidence before they put their heads back in the sand.  That's something the traitorous cowards on the 9/11 Commission didn't do.  They took their orders, shirked their oaths and duties and released a bogus lot of information designed to mislead the world and bury the investigation along with the truth.

We know that without confessions or the evidence that was immediately and illegally destroyed or sent out of the country by criminal accomplices, it will be difficult to point the finger of guilt, which was exactly their intentions.  But there is now solid evidence of circumstances that couldn't have happened the way they said it did, as well as indisputable evidence that was not entered or covered in the government's bogus investigation.  Also, there is an unbelievable amount of circumstantial evidence that has come to light.  Evidence that when all combined, finally leads us to the true facts and the criminals who masterminded and orchestrated the events that changed our country's history as well as countless lives in America and around the world... all for money, power, control and of course oil for the sake of national security.  So when it comes to proving who the guilty really are, impossible as it may have seemed in the past, it's not going to be difficult.

We ultimately now know who all of the involved conspirators are.   And in America, criminals are prosecuted all the time by circumstantial evidence especially when accompanied with obvious motives.   So that being said, it won't be so difficult to bring the hammer of justice down on their lying, thieving, murdering souls.  

For years, people have been calling for a new government investigation.  But while our enemy's current, criminal, government cohorts refuse to examine the real evidence.... I ask why would we want the government to reopen the investigation.   Remember what happened the first time and we've all heard the expression, "Letting the fox count the chickens."  So it's best that the government doesn't investigate themselves because we all know how that would ultimately turn out.  It's time for a thorough, honest and unbiased look at all the facts and all the evidence.... by the people.  And when we're done... perhaps as one of our recent past presidents once said, "If the American people ever find out what we've done to this country, they'll hang us from the nearest lamp post." 

Well, we've figured it all out and we can now prove who took part in not only the obvious and failed 9/11 cover up attempts, but all of the other crimes from the past decades as well.  So it's time for us to rock and roll..... and for the criminals and their minions to swing.  And if we actually could just take them out and hang them from the nearest lamp post, perhaps first, a number of Wall Street criminal banksters should be gutted for their intestines which I understand make great hangman's nooses.  And we wouldn't have to go far to find them all together.  Just shine a light under the dirty carpets of the White House and the Capitol.... a mosque in Chicago, a temple in New York and a little ranch down in Texas.  Skull and Bones soup for brunch anyone?

Uncle America, Member